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                        A Listener Review (from Amazon):

“Baraka Moon is a global fusion band known for their exciting trance-dance music and rhythms based on Pakistani Sufi and other Hindustani tunes. Members Sukhawat Ali Khan (vocals, harmonium), Stephen Kent (didjeridu, percussion, bass), Anastasi Mavrides (guitar, vocals), the late Geoffrey Gordon (voice, tabla and frame drums), and Peter Warren (drums, djembe) produced a more direct, more pure devotional Sufi and Hindu EP album while maintaining their characteristic styling. Two of the tracks are reprised for this collection, dedicated to original member Gordon. Kent's earthy didgeridu grounds the music, the harmonium provides, well, harmony and melody, the guitar ornaments, and the drums drive the entire ensemble. Sukhawat Ali's amazing sweet voice (he the son of vocal raga master, Salamat Ali Khan) soars. Juley Juley is a happy Hindi salutation. Jai Radhe Shyam, recorded with Gordon, is a Hindu devotion to the consort of Krishna, Shyam. Allah Hoo is perhaps the most well-known Sufi devotion that has different melodies across the planet; the Pakistani Punjabi one here is the most familiar. Track 4 is a live recording, an example of the group's art before an audience. Zikr, the concluding track with Gordon, is part of the Sufi rite; whereas the sama-a is motivated listening to hymns, the zikr is the practice, the joining, with holotropic breathing, head or body movement, and mantric repetitions. Listening to the entire album is a highly spiritual...”


Dr. Debra Jan Bibel

VIDEO of Allah Hoo